yes, i saw rodriguez play live on monday. and yes, these are actually direct quotes from him during the show. and YES he is amazing in every way.

if you haven't heard his incredible story yet, you really need to redbox the recent academy award winning documentary searching for sugarman. it will blow your mind.

nicolaus and i went to the concert with my parents who made the perfect companions, being from south africa and all. they were actually jamming to him back in their heyday and claim that searching for sugarman wasn't exaggerating and that rodriguez really was that popular. it still boggles my mind that his albums didn't make it here because every. single. song. of his is amazing! and he's 72 now and still sounds soo good! his daughter had to help him walk up on stage/get his guitar strap over his head, but he could still sing every song perfectly. he is one of the most talented and authentic musicians i've ever come across. it was the show of a lifetime.

if you've never heard any of his songs, but want to, here are a few of my favorites:

+ i wonder
+ crucify your mind
+ sugarman
+ this is not a song, it's an outburst
+ jane s. piddy