last week i had a bad case of the blahs. i was recovering from a pretty bad cold and think i had just had one too many days being cooped up working during the day and watching mindless tv during the night.  i wasn't feeling my usual happy self and when saturday rolled around i was finally feeling better physically - which was amazing - but i started to just stress myself out with to-do lists/everything i needed to catch up on from being sick - which was not so amazing. 

this may or may not have had a slight emotional breakdown...which was only slightly pathetic considering all of my problems at this point were completely self-inflicted and menial...luuuckily i have the sweetest husband in the world who thought my self-inflicted, menial problems were important. and reminded me that everything i had to do could wait until monday. and weekends are for fun. so we took a trip up the canyon for the most wonderfully relaxing afternoon of fishing, picnicing, laying out, reading, and canoodling. needless to say, it perked me right up!

sometimes the healthiest thing to do is forget the to-do lists and do whatever it is you feel like doing. nothing cures the blahs like a little fresh air and spontaneity :)