last tuesday nicolaus and i roadtripped down to arizona with mah family. because my older sister had a baby girl, lilian (lilla for short - it was my grandma's name & my middle name), a few weeks ago and we hadn't met her yet! it was so sooo lovely to meet her in person. i thought she was cute in pictures, but those hadn't done her justice. she is the sweetest, most precious little thing. literally perfect. it was love at first sight. sappy? yes. do i mean every word? yes.

ha sister and her cute little family have been in phoenix for the last few years because her husband's been at med school there, but he just graduated and is doing his residency in new mexico so they are moving there this summer. which can be a little stressful with a newborn and a we also helped them with packing/cleaning while in arizona. but there was also a whole lot of playing in the sunshine and baby snuggling in between all the work. i'll have some more pictures/posts up asap of our trip :)