a few weekends ago our friends beth & strater invited us on a camping trip to electric lake. a friend from strater's lds mission owns private land up there and i was soo excited that we got the invite because it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. and their friends were so nice. they were the real deal americans. they made us tinfoil dinners of elk, veggies & potatoes and it was delicious. plus they had the cutest kid and the cutest dog. pluuus he randomly ended up being the son of my sixth grade teacher and one of my older brother's best friends in second grade when my family first moved the u.s! it blows my mind how small the world is. 

another great thing about this camping trip is that there were sheep everywhere. a lot of sheep. and they were so close to us the morning. ha i really loved it and debated ways to kidnap one and keep it as a pet..

ha aanyways it was a fun weekend of fishing, hiking, reading, exploring and kickin it with some goood people.