yesterday my cousin, frances, and cousin's girlfriend, jessie, took me out to some of sydney's best shopping. the day was full of laughter, delicious food and pretty things. it all started with the strangest, sketchiest underground parking lot that we tumbled upon. it had the smallest spaces i've ever seen for cars and the twistiest, steepest garage layout any of us had ever witnessed. after managing to get out of there without being murdered with an axe, we headed over to surry hills were a famous australian blogger was having a closet sale. meaning all the free designer clothes that have been given to her and have been worn maybe once were being sold for next to nothing. it was all the shopper's high with none of the shopper's remorse. 

that same kind of exhiliration continued when we headed over to glebe market which was packed full of vintage, beautiful clothes for cheap. which until then i had thought was impossible to find in sydney. but i was happily proven wrong browsing through all the treasures and walking away with a few gems. i could have spent days at this market looking through all the clothes as well as the people. there were so many interesting faces and outfits there and i was dying to photograph every single one of them but felt way too creepy doing so... ha so i settled for just absorbing it all in the moment.  

also, we ate a fresh CRONUT. this new trendy food has certainly lived up to all its hype. it is life changing. i almost wished i had never tried one because now i'm hooked. but i think it was worth it. 

after becoming quite exhausted from all our shopping we walked over the most darling vegetarian restaurant with some aaaamazing food and drinks. every time i eat in australia i think the next meal won't even compare. but somehow it always does. we chatted long after our food was finished and it was so soo nice spending quality time with my cousins that i don't get to see nearly enough. 

i can't believe i'm flying out today but i do feel so blessed to have had such an amazing holiday and spend time with my lovely family. it's so hard to so goodbye to them all, not knowing when i'll see them next but i do have to say it's never been easier to get on a plane and fly back to the u.s. when i know i have a sweet husband waiting at the end of it :)