i am a firm believer that one day is not enough time to celebrate the ending of one age and the beginning of another. which is why nick's 24th birthday is being celebrated this entire week instead of just on sunday.

so yesterday when my afternoon class was cancelled we drove up to brighton to pick up our snowboarding passes and went the long way around on the most scenic, fall drive. words don't even describe. the colors and the trees and the little bit of snow and the cliffs...my breath was being taken away at every turn. not to mention it made me SO excited to snowboard this year! i'm starting to think that a lack of money and time were poor excuses for not getting passes last winter...because that just meant that everything about winter sucked. ha which will not be the case this year! i honestly don't remember ever being so excited about a coming winter in my life.

aaanyways, we stopped at a few spots to take photos (which mostly consisted of nick taking one million of me and refusing to be in any...ha except for a few awkward kissing ones some other funny onlookers insisted that we needed...) but basically it was the most gorgeous afternoon of soaking in the fall and a successful first day of birthday fun.