to appease my phobia of losing my memories and forgetting things about my life i think i'm going to start adding a weekend recap to music video mondays...ha so here are the highlights from my weekend:

+ went on a park city excursion with my mom to get some early christmas shopping in.
+ nicolaus and i went up to salt lake to hang out with our friends matt and courtney who were in town from california. plus we got to catch up with kerry, austin and danielle who we don't see nearly enough these busy days. we definitely didn't make back home until the early morning hours and it was definitely worth it.
+ lots of house chores, errands and procrastinating homework.
+ saw gravity in imax 3D. it was basically a two-hour panic attack for me and made me feel anxious/dizzy/nauseous nearly the entire time and confirmed my suspicion that i could never be an astronaut. but i still thought it was an incredible movie. the cinematography was out of this world (literally...haha) and the acting was phenomenal. and if you're going to see it it's worth the few extra dollars to see it in imax 3D! and this is coming from someone who usually doesn't like 3D movies.
+ went on a double dinner date with my parents (if someone had told me in high school that i would have liked going on double dates with my parents i would have told them they're crazy...and now i love them).
+ went to a costume party thrown by my brother jean and sister-in-law grace. it was so fun to see everyone's costumes (nicolaus and i were kurt cobain and courtney love) and play some fun charade games.
+ attended my mom's annual "curryfest" where she makes a plethora of curries and invites at least half of provo.
+ board games with the family.

p.s. i have to admit i don't love the song, but if you want you're daily dose of celebrity you should probably watch paul mccartney's new video queenie eye.