prepare yourself for the world's most spastic blog post...

i just finished finals this afternoon and had a moment of "but what now?" naturally, i headed straight to redbox to rent the one direction movie. i don't even care how horrible their music is, those boys turn me into a giddy 13-year-old tween. i literally had a huge, dumb smile on my face the entire movie. unfortunately, they don't have the same effect on with him being at work and me having no school obligations for the next two weeks, i figured this afternoon would be best spent watching a pop music documentary.

i am the biggest sucker for those things. the justin beiber one turned this skeptic into a belieber. and the katy perry one brought me to tears. a few times. i'm certain i'll look back at this post in the not-too-far future and be terribly embarrassed about all these guilty pleasure confessions, but why else was our generation born, if not to post embarrassing selfies/dancing videos/blog rants on the interweb for all to see?

aaaanyways, in other irrelevant news this brain-fried girl is so. excited. for. christmas. and one of my very best friend's wedding. and to see anchorman 2. and read books of my own choice. and i've been having this urge lately to make art. the paper and pencil kind. but i think the first few days of my break will be filled with recovery sleeping, pinning (photos above are some recent favorite pins), sleeping, cd burning, herbal tea drinking, sleeping, netflixing, sleeping and watching funny internet videos like this one.

then maybe i'll start feeling ambitious again and tackle that ever-expanding to-do list.