this weekend is one, big blur of studying and homeworking in preparation for finals week. the few highlights that do stick out are:

+ getting BUTTERBEER at starbucks. i was convinced it wouldn't be as good as i wanted it to be, but it was.
+ opening the front door to a bunch of christmas carolers with a million LLAMAS. i was overly excited about this and definitely fed them my toast that i was about to eat and loved every second of it.
+ a faux-christmas dinner with my family (since my parents may be out of town on real-christmas visiting my sister's family).
+ nicolaus and i definitely put off some homework saturday night and built an amazing fort in the middle of our family room, watched some redboxed movies and camped out there for a night amidst the glow of christmas lights. it was amazing. being an adult is like being a kid, but better, because you make your own rules :)