Thursday, January 2, 2014

goals for this year.

as i've been concocting my list of goals for 2014, i've realized i have a lot of aspirations for this year. some of them are the usual ones that everyone seems to have and pop up on my own list every year, and some are kinda bizarre. but even if i only accomplish half of them, i feel like it's going to be a good year :)

1. i want to get in the habit of having better posture. it's almost like a defense mechanism for me to slouch and round my shoulders when i'm feeling self conscious and i want to get over that. it's not going to fix any confidence issues. and it's bad for your back. plus i was further inspired to do it after watching this ted talk.

2. meditation. this is something i've considered implementing into my life for quite some time. especially since reading a post from this blog awhile ago and reading eat, pray, love last year. i've tried it a few times, but never made a real habit of it. but i'm going to try to do it for at least ten minutes a day. i'm two days in and my head's already feeling clearer.

3. exercise regularly. exercise and i have had a very on/off relationship my whole life and i think it's time to take things to the next level. i always feel better when i'm doing it, so why not be doing it on the regular? i'm shooting for breaking a sweat 3 times a week. i also want to follow this half marathon training schedule and maybe run one this spring.

4. read one book (for fun) every month. i think this was the only goal i really stuck with last year. i've always loved reading but if i don't make a goal to read for fun it always seems to get pushed to the back burner.

5. eat healthier. i want to get back into the habit of juicing on the regular. and fill my body with a lot more fresh fruits and veggies and a lot less sugar and junk food. (with the occasional binge of salted caramel ice cream of course...)

6. figure out a life plan. i'm graduating in april and actually need to decide on a career path. so i'm going to do that. i also want to further my skills in the design world and figure out a way to continuously hone creativity.

7. simplify. this is the big one that nicolaus and i have been talking about a lot recently. we want to clear all the unnecessary clutter out of our home and lives.

happy 2014 and fresh start everybody!! :)


  1. Love your goals! We have quite a few in common (#2-5). I soooo want to give meditation a try. I've read up on a lot of its benefits and the way you described it makes it seem like it's true. I may give eat, pray, love a read finally as well and add that to the books for fun pile. Yo! Ever since I've just been drinking water (and tea), Talenti is a godsend every other night or so. Not the whole pint of course ;) lol - at least it's gluten-free right? ;)

  2. these are all really great, positive resolutions that sound do-able! I'm definitely struggling with #5 at the moment, especially after total indulgence this holiday season;) good luck!


  3. Ugh. Better posture...definitely one I need to work on!

    Good goals though. :) good luck with them!

  4. Better posture. Oh my goodness golly gee! I swear I need to work on that like mad! I have an office job and it is HARD for me to do. I might borrow that one from ya :)

  5. These goals have definitely inspired me! I want to start meditation too! It's nice to know I won't be alone in starting this! Good luck with all you do!

  6. that ted talk was amazing. i've already told multiple people about it, well body language and power stances.

  7. better posture - YES! oh my goodness! this is something i have been consciously working on for a while, but it can be so hard! (but i don't want to be an old lady all slumped over!)
    reading one book a month - do it!!! do you have a good reads account? i love it because it keeps track of what you've read and you can mark your "to-read" books! looovveeee it!
    Great resolutions!

    1. i don't have a good reads account but i will definitely be looking into that! thanks for the recommendation :)

  8. Nice resos! And thank you for mentioning slumped shoulders - I just straightened myself up!)