Friday, January 10, 2014

the beginning of the end.

on tuesday i experienced my last first day of school. ever. i've been having "first days of school" since 1995, so i feel like this was kind of a big deal. sometimes i wonder if i'm going to have some sort of identity crisis when i'm not a student anymore - like i have been since i was four-years-old. and then i think, "nah, probably not." i love learning, but i don't necessarily love school. i disagree with a lot of the structuring and am a hater of busy work. and i know there will be busy work and things i don't like in whatever my job is, but hey, at least i'll be getting paid for it? ha, but it's still strange for me to think this week was my last week of syllabus overviews and awkward introductions and that these next four months are the last chapter of my school career. it's already got me all nostalgic while walking around campus and finding classes and buying textbooks...

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  1. i didn't get sentimental when i graduated from college. i was eager of what next and the unknown. for me it wasn't about graduating college or school. but it's more of graduating from my 'safe zone'.

  2. How exciting! Lol yea, we spend such a huge chunk of our lives in a school setting/structure but I think my mind will thank me for busting out of prison once it's my first last day of school and things start truly ticking down, because like you, I don't care for a school setting although I really like learning. Lol good luck with the semester to come, countdown!

  3. {loving the pictures!}
    i definitely got sentimental when it came to my last semester of college - lots of thoughts and emotions for me.
    i can say now that i've been out of college for almost 4 years (WOAH!) i miss certain aspects of it - and i miss being challenged like i was, so i'm looking at going back hahaahahha.
    I hope that this semester holds a lot of great things for you!

    (ps i went to reply to your comment via email and saw that your'e a no-reply blogger; which means any comment you leave on someones blog can't be responded to via email. if you google how to fix it, it's super easy and you'll get more responses to yoru comments! :) happy saturday!)

  4. You know I remember being in school thinking when is school going to be over and now I wish I was back in it. You did it and you should be proud :) and just adore the photos.

  5. enjoy these last few months.. you're going to miss them when it all over.