there's no denying that these last few weeks have been hectic. quite possibly my most stressful finals to date. but that's okay, because they're also my last finals. ever. am i starting to sound like a broken record yet? sorry i keep mentioning that it's my last semester and i'm graduating so soon yada yada ya, but i can't stop thinking about it!

i just finished taking one final that i was extremely stressed about, but i think it went well. and even if it didn''s over! haha i can slowly feel myself start to be able to breathe a little easier and i'm really liking that. i'm also really liking these blossoms that seemed to pop up overnight?! they're right outside our bedroom window and make me so happy every time i look outside to see a little life out there again.

also, amidst the crazy cramming to get all my studying in, projects finished and everything sorted out for graduation, i have to admit i've still managed to have some fun :) here are a few things lately that i've been enjoying:

+ SNL. they have the 2010's shows on netflix right now and nicolaus and i have been watching at least one (sometimes 3 or 4...) every night before bed. i never thought of saturday night live as a binge series, but i have officially been proven wrong.

+ tennis. i played a little in high school and it's been so much fun to get out and play again with nicolaus. plus provo is like a mecca for public tennis courts, so that's been great.

+ games night. we had a little dinner/games night with our friends grayson and brittany last week and that was great. i am not very competitive about most things, but that all changes when there's a deck of cards involved.

+ bridal showering. i went to my sweet friend, danielle's bridal shower last weekend with kerry and am going to my friend brooke's shower tonight. pre-wedding season is in full swing!

+ the grand budapest hotel. there's been a lot of buzz about this wes anderson creation and for good reason! i think it's one of his best yet and if you haven't seen it yet, you might need to.