traveling to denmark everything went smoothly and wonderfully. traveling home was an entirely different story. between delayed flights, a fire in the control tower in chicago, chaos like i have never experienced at the bag re-check (we're talking screaming arguments and near baby-trampling...nicolaus single-handedly saved the latter from happening by sticking out his arm and stopping this guy before trampling a toddler in a stroller..), then having our luggage lost at lax, we were pretty exhausted by the time our heaven-sent friends, matt and courtney, picked us up at the airport. luckily, between those two angels and kerry and her mama jo letting us eat a real meal, take a shower, wash our clothes and sleep a few hours at their house, nicolaus and i were somehow able to wake up at 4:30 am to drive back to provo, and have nick make it to his 5:30 pm class...haha needless to say it took a couple days to work through our jet lag and mountains of laundry.

but once we settled back into real life, the first adventurous thing we did in utah was drive up american fork canyon for a little fishing excursion. nick did most of the fishing while i did the laying out and reading. ha but i did catch that little guy pictured above! and it was really nice to get outside and remember how pretty our own home is after going through denmark withdrawals.