we got to denmark in the morning and nick's uncle, svend, picked us up and we went to his house to drop off our luggage and for a quick bite to eat before embarking on our first danish adventure. we saw two castles (the one pictured above and the one shakespeare based hamlet on). by the time we were at the second castle it was pouring with rain, so the camera was stowed safely away, so we don't have any photos from it. but trust me when i say both castles were insanely magnificent. walking around them/the gardens made me feel like i had been transported to another era.

it's crazy to think of people actually living in these places. it was so interesting to hear all the stories and learn some of the history about danish royalty. walking around them definitely gave us a much needed second wind from our zombie-like state after all the traveling, but when we got in the car to drive home it took all of thirty seconds for us to fall dead asleep. we went to bed at about seven that night, which was good because we needed some rest for the long day in copenhagen ahead of us!