like most people, i've always enjoyed looking at photographs. and once blogs/tumblr started taking over the internet, i started scouring these sites for hours, checking out different photographers and wanting so badly to be able to take make my own photos.

but it has always felt like a pipe dream to me because i never knew where to start. until i started hanging out with nicolaus. i remember once, when we first started hanging out, we were looking through high school photos of each other, and we stumbled upon ones he had taken for photo classes. it felt so dreamy to look through these photos and i feel like i was able to get to know him better as i felt like i was seeing the world through his eyes. cheesy? yes. but true? yes.

anyways, nicolaus had learned all about cameras/taking photos in high school, so he's been able to teach me a thing or two. plus he acquired some pretty incredible lens' and equipment from his dad. and over our married years we've been collecting our own camera bodies and lens. and even though i majored in graphic design, one of my elective class options was a photography class, so i jumped on that and loved learning more about it. and even having a basic understanding of photography has helped with all things design as the two often go hand in hand. and i love both fields, so i figure why not pursue them both?

and i guess the reason i'm calling this a "confession session" is that i've never really seriously expressed my secret photography aspirations to people. i've been too afraid because i feel under qualified to call myself an actual photographer and i really just don't want to be a phony. but i've decided that's a silly reason not to try something i'm interested in, because everyone has to start somewhere.

so this year i've started doing some photo shoots and i love every one more than the last! and i haven't really paused to document how it all started/has been evolving. but consider this my official, public declaration that i want to pursue both graphic design and photography. and if you haven't fallen asleep yet, you can check out some of my work here :)