if we are instagram friends, then you will already know i spent last week in california. nicolaus and i left last wednesday and took a route i had never been on before. instead of the usual I-15 through vegas, we went through tahoe. along the way, we stopped at the salt flats, which i had never been to before! and we stopped at some tiny town along the way at a (delicious) diner for dinner, which we later found out is famous for a brothel...haha #oops.

aaanyways, we packed camping gear to camp by donner lake, but ended up only getting there at 2 in the morning when both of us were far too tired and lazy to set up a tent. so we rearranged our luggage and slept in the back of our car in a grocery store parking lot. which was surprisingly comfortable. ha, or we were both just too tired to care? anyways, we were both pretty grimy in the morning, so when we stopped to check out donner lake and nick dared me to jump in, i was more than happy to. as long as he did it with me of course. plus it helped that the water was not all that cold.

tricky little nicolaus let go of my hand the first time we were supposed to jump in together, and sent me flying in solo, screaming at him along the way...haha but he did eventually get in :) it was a pretty good moment in time, and felt a bit like the montage of romantic scenes in any good chick flick. it was such a pretty place and the most fun way to start our next leg of the trip. now i just wish all road trips started with a refreshing dip in a beautiful lake!