last weekend nicolaus and i spent the night up at a park city cabin. on accident.

we went up to our friends, kerry and austin and baby cedar's going away party (they're going to spain for a year and this was the last time their whole family would be together until they get home) and we ended up staying up until about 3 in the morning chatting and laughing and catching up.

around 2am when mama jo suggested we stay in one of their spare rooms, we gladly obliged. the next morning i was awoken with delicious "thinnies"  (aka their family's version of the most melt in your mouth crepes you can imagine). then we just spent more quality time with their family, took a few family photos for them and went out for lunch on main street. it felt like such a good mini-weekend getaway and we loved getting to hang out with the best family. we would happily crash their family reunions anytime :)