i feel like so much has been going on lately that i don't even know where to start.
i guess i'll just start rambling and see where it takes me...

+ my good friend jordan got home from her mission! every time i see her i can't believe i'm seeing her in the flesh. haha and it's been so fun to have her and her hilarious sense of humor back in my life! it also made me realize a) how quickly a year and a half goes by. and b) how much can change in a year and a half.

+ went to a baby shower for my friend beth and a bridal shower for my friend chelsea! in the same day. #utahlife ;)

+ nicolaus and i booked our tickets to AUSTRALIA for this christmas!!! i am counting down the weeks until we get to go to that beautiful, sunny country and hang out with all my relatives.

+ been doing photoshoots and planning photoshoots that i'm so excited to share with you, dear cyberspace. plus the bridal shoot i did for studio stems over the summer was featured on utah bride blog, which was awesome!

+ working and settling into skullcandy. working full-time definitely leaves less time for midday adventuring, but i can't complain because i love the company and my job :)