nicolaus and i had a pretty fun anniversary week. it kicked off with a foxygen show the night before our anniversary. they are one of my very favorites, so when we were eating dinner at rye before the show, and the band was eating there too, i was nerding out big time and turned into the world's most annoying super-fan to nicolaus. i had a whole plan of what to say to the lead singer and how to ask to take a photo with him when he walked past our table, but when he actually did i got too nervous and chickened out...haha which was probably for the best, because who really knows what embarrassing things would have come out of my mouth. so instead i just settled for creeping over nick's shoulder at them and snapchatting a sneaky photo of them.

aaanyways, the show was a good time. we met up with our friends nicole, tanner, conor, raul and mike, then bumped into a few other friends up there, and basically danced the night away. they put on a great, high energy show, which we all definitely paid for the next day. my right ear had been facing the speaker and i was mostly deaf in it the entire next day. and my ears were ringing for about two days after..ha remind to always wear ear plugs at concerts from now on. i've become quite the old lady and i'm embracing it.

ha, then on our actual anniversary, nicolaus had to work the night shift and only got home at about 9:30. and we headed over to a park to light off 3 floating paper lanterns for 3 years of marriage! a tradition that started our first year, since the material for it was paper :)

that saturday, we went on our real anniversary date and got a fancy dinner at pallet which was INCREDIBLE. if you're ever in salt lake you need to go there and eat their truffle fries. after dinner, we headed over to a party at the design firm, super top secret and met up with a couple friends. the party was a pretty fun mix of people jumping motorcycles and watching crazy-good kids skate the mini-ramp and even spotting a few instagram-famous people and athletes like jeremy jones. which i thought was preeeetty cool. but my favorite highlight was definitely petting this adorable pitbull puppy and the owner telling us her rescue story. she was adorable and it made me want to rescue every puppy in the world.

p.s. haaaaappy halloweeeen!!!