when jann, a friend of mine and the mind and talent behind hoodielove, asked if i would participate in  a "30 days of style" thing she wanted to do, i was so excited/flattered by it and of course said yes! the feature is now live at hoodielove's blog over here if you wanna check it out.

so, after work one day i headed over to main street in park city and met up with a few other girls to style and model the hoodies. i already know kerry and tayler and they are the cutest, most creative girls! kerry's blog is definitely one you'll want to follow along with as she's moving to spain with her cute family next month and they're sure to have an amazing and well-documented time over there! plus she has the greatest style ever (thanks again for lending me your leather jacket kerry :) and tayler is also a cute blogging nurse/wifey/mama who recently started a little business making baby wraps! be sure to check out her instagram @mywildbird because i am babyless but still somehow want one because they are so. comfortable. and i was able to meet mary who is one talented little jewelry maker! be sure to check out her made by mary shop for the prettiest, daintiest golden jewelry you can imagine.

ha, so basically it was a bit intimidating to be bunched into a group of such talented and stylin ladies! but i was really happy it wasn't a solo shoot because that's just a recipe for awkwardness when it comes to me...haha aaanyways, we wandered around main street and up the mountain taking photos and getting some odd sideways glances from passerby's...haha and there was one older man volunteered to take our photo if he could also get one of his own with five, young blonde girls :) also, i somehow, at one point, ended up with tayler's baby, remy, and he is the sweetest little thing! so it was a good time and thanks for having me be a part of it jann!

but let's get to the real business now. the hoodies. they are honest-to-goodness the softest, most comfortable and flattering hoodie i have ever worn. if you don't believe me, just watch this video and one of these girls are bound to convert you. i own one and love it and just ordered my sister one for her birthday cause i wanted to share the looove. get it?? ;)

and in more exciting news, all you sweet followers of this blog of mine can use the coupon code "ShaShaShayla" for $20 off your purchase at hoodielove through this saturday, october 11th!!! 

p.s. the whole mass of blonde hair thing was definitely not planned...haha it just happened that way.