Monday, December 8, 2014

90's campaign // look one

first, i'd like to apologize for the shrine to myself that my blog is about to become. and second, this is kind of a random/weird thing to explain, but the reason for this 90's inspired outfit post (and a few more to come) is because of a campaign i worked on for hello society to promote this tv show for vh1. the show's premise is that a girl travels back in time to the 90's and gets to re-live that time in her life. hence, all the 90's style happening!

but to take it back a few notches...i work with hello society pinning for different campaigns for a variety of companies, because i happen to have a rather large following on pinterest. but for this particular campaign, instead of just pinning the images that companies provide, i got to actually curate and be in the shots - which consist of five different looks. (this is where my sweet, talented husband gets a shoutout for helping me decide on my outfits and wake up bright and early on a saturday to take these photos!) and it was such a fun job!! there were definitely some moments of awkwardness and insecurity during our little shoot, but once i got over that, we had an awesome time and i really like how some of them turned out! i also felt a little nervous/insecure about posting them on here but i'm just going for it. mostly because i'm working on channeling my inner beyonce and accepting all women (including myself) as flawless. ha, so enjoy and be sure to check out the premiere of hindsight!

p.s. and no (mom) the septum piercing is not real...


  1. you're a 90's baaaaaaaabe! & you work the camera good girl.
    p.s. septum piercing is something you should really do now.

    1. thanks gurrrl!! i knooow i really want one..i'm all sorts of torn up over it haha