Tuesday, December 23, 2014

australia // oupa's house

nicolaus and i made it to australia safely! with only a few hiccups along the way...like when we landed in lax only to learn that our flight to sydney had been cancelled due to "technical issues" with our plane. and just when we were standing in line to pick up hotel and meal vouchers from our airline, our names were called over the intercom to go to a different line in a different terminal. (if you've never had your name called over the intercom in an airport, you'll have to take my word that it's a really strange thing to hear) and after going there, we were told that we were being reassigned to a different flight leaving shortly to melbourne, then catching a connecting flight to sydney.
we're still trying to figure out why they chose to reassign our flight, but we just went with it. ha, and i'm so glad we did, since our airplane ended up being a really nice new one (rather than a scary, broken down one) and i may or may not have watched five and a half movies on my own little personal screen during our flight...
aaanyways, we made it here intact and so did our luggage (miraculously). and since landing it's all been one blur of lazing around my oupa's (grandpa's) pool, going to the beach, family dinners, playing loud, competitive games at said family dinners, shopping trips, meat pies, walks around the park, trying to tame this mass of hair of mine and a little more lazing in the sunshine. it's been so nice and refreshing and a part of me thinks maybe i should be being a little more proactive and explorative while we're in this pretty country, but a bigger part of me thinks that i should just enjoy and soak in every lazy second of this kind of lifestyle while i can :)


  1. More pictures please!! Sounds so fun & you're SO pretty.

    1. stooop THANK YOU and don't worry there are a million to come! ;)