on our last, full day in australia, nicolaus, my cousin, brendan, and a family friend, sven (actual name kevin, but he was politically incorrectly dubbed sven since he's from sweden), and i walked across the sydney bridge. not over the bridge, like you can see the people in jumpsuits doing in some of the photos, but just across it, then up the tower at the end of it. i did walk over it once, back in the day, about 7 years ago, when it was a-hundred-and-something-dollars. and now i would love to do it with nicolaus but they have raised the price to four-hundred-and-something-dollars. which i think is absurd. it was a pretty cool thing to do, but not four hundred dollars cool. i'd rather fly to hawaii or something. ha, aaaanyways, walking across it was a lot of fun! we got some fresh air and pretty views and i had never realized you could walk up the towers at the end, so i really liked that (minus the queasiness i felt from the height).

afterwards, we walked into the city and ate at pancake on the rocks, before doing a bit of shopping then heading home for our last family dinner. our entire trip was so incredible and i'm already feeling homesick (is it possible to feel homesick for somewhere that isn't your home??) for it just looking back at these photos..