australia may have been one of my favorite trips to date, but that doesn't mean it was all butterflies and rainbows. it was butterflies and rainbows scattered with the occasional SPIDER THE SIZE OF MY FACE. and that is barely an exaggeration. ha, the best worst spider is not actually pictured above, but it did nearly give me a heart attack one night. which we later found out is how they're known for killing people. not because of poisonous venom, but rather for inducing heart attacks.

we pulled into the garage one night, happy and tired, only for me to look over and see a massive spider right outside my window. i'm a pretty mellow person for the most part, but i really lost it when i saw that nasty creature. there was some freaking out and scrambling over car seats to get out on the other side..then deciding we didn't want to fall asleep in a home where that thing was lurking in the garage, we decided that we needed to kill it. but a shoe didn't seem sufficient. we found a 2X4 piece of wood and it took a couple hits from my brother-in-law to kill it. after he missed the first time, the spider started crawling towards him instead of trying to run away. needless to say, the whole thing was pretty terrifying and i'm glad we all made it out alive. except for the spider. that turned into the gnarliest, nastiest glob of goo i have ever seen.