so the reason that the vast majority of the photos on my blog/in my life are of me and not nicolaus, is because nicolaus hates having his photo taken. as soon as he catches me pointing the lens at him he starts scowling and/or making inappropriate gestures...haha so it takes a lot to capture a candid moment of him. or a lot of bribing to make him pose for the camera without a look of obvious disdain on his face.

unlike my dear husband, every time he says, "go stand over there and let me take a super cute photo of you!" (only ever-so-slightly laced with sarcasm) i almost always oblige. i usually don't feel awkward in front of a camera if he's behind it and i think photos are fun to have and to take and to be in. so i say "okay!" and happily prance over to look like an idiot in front of any onlookers.

if anyone's still reading you're probably wondering why/where this rant came from...well, i'll tell you. i spent an embarrassing amount of time debating whether i should include one and/or both of the first two photos of me in this post. (#firstworldproblems) and i've decided that my facial expressions far too perfectly document exactly how i've felt about getting my photo taken since being pregnant, to not include them. because i've adapted the nicolaus as-soon-as-a-lens-is-in-my-face-scowl. and the second photo was my feeble attempt at overcoming it. haha i think it's mostly due to the incessant nausea and my entire body feeling out of wack that the last thing i want to do is have my photo taken.

aaaanways, i did not mean to go off on that for so long, buuut these photos are from our most recent trip to california. which was in february...which was two months ago...and i'm only getting to this post now...aaand i can't believe it's already been two months! but it was such a fun, fun long weekend trip we took over valentine's day! we hung out with old friends, drank a ridiculous amount of smoothies, and breathed in so much fresh ocean air. which i really, really wish i could somehow bottle up and bring back to utah with me!

p.s. my cute friend, kerry, made a blog post from that same trip here!