how far along are you? 28 weeks! which means i am officially in my third trimester! i can't believe it. the first 20 weeks dragged on for eternity and now i need time to slow down a bit, so i can actually do some prep work! like we maybe definitely need to start putting a nursery together...i can't believe we have less than three months to get everything ready and all sorted out before baby's grand arrival. and people keep telling me to try to have everything done at least a month before baby's due date, which means we have less than two months do to so...ha, wish us luck!
sleep: ohhhh sleep. how i love it. and how i miss doing it comfortably. i usually wake up a couple times a night because the side i'm laying on has fallen asleep and it takes major momentum to roll onto my other side these days...haha plus baby is usually kicking like crazy whenever i wake up and sometimes i get so excited daydreaming about all the things to come (or nervous about all the things that could go wrong) that i can't fall back asleep.
movement: i love all the kicks and rolls and jabs and hiccups! it's been so fun for me and nicolaus to watch my stomach move about, knowing it's our little baby in there doing that. it's also gotten to the point where i can feel him moving when i'm just walking around, which is really strange because it sometimes throws off my balance. especially when i sit down or stand up too quickly. ha, so i'm moving at a total sloth pace lately.
symptoms: THE WADDLE. it's fully kicked in and i feel more like a penguin than a human lately. haha but nicolaus, for some reason, thinks it's really cute and endearing so i'm just pretending that's true ;) the belly also feels like i have hot water bottles strapped to me, so i've been slowly melting away every time i step outside in this summer heat. it's supposed to hit the 100s in a few days, so if you need me, i'll be pruning away in a pool all weekend. 
but the worst symptom to hit has been the leg cramps! i have one memory of ever getting a charlie horse pre-pregnancy, and now i am waking up with them every couple of days. which is not fun. the first time it happened, i kinda freaked out and woke up nick and was so tense that my leg got so stiff and sore and i had no control over movement for what seemed like forever (but was probably 1-2 minutes). but every other time since then, as soon as i get it, i'll just relax my body and focus on my breathing, which has helped a ton. but if anyone knows how to avoid them entirely, please share!
cravings: popsicles. so many popsicles. and cold watermelon. wanting those two things have been one consistency throughout this entire pregnancy. and now that it's summer, i've been loving the summer foods! any cold or refreshing juice or smoothie or salad has tasted like the greatest thing ever. especially doused with avocado. i also haven't been able to eat enough cold nectarines. and a few things i wasn't crazy about before, but always sound good now, are anything with raw onions or mustard. like a good hot dog with lots of mustard and onions sounds like a dream. 
ha, and after writing this, i think i'm just really happy to have rediscovered my love for food and my appetite just keeps growing and growing and most things i eat seem like the greatest thing ever...
looking forward to: the fourth of july and everything that comes with it! i love the fireworks and the swimming and the bbq's and being outside with friends/family. and i have my first baby shower coming up in a few weeks and i can't wait for a fun morning with friends, reminiscing about the past and speculating about the future!