i'm a big fan of birthdays. i think it's the perfect excuse to do something out of the ordinary - preferably something you've never done. so when i saw my birthday fell on memorial day weekend, i was so excited and started making grand plans of camping somewhere in southern utah that i've never been. i've been craving a camping trip with a good dose of fresh, mountain air, so i thought this would be the most perfect birthday excursion. and we invited our family/friends and everyone was good to go that weekend! but two days before it was looking like the rainy weather we'd been having was not going to let up. everywhere we could possibly think of to go camping had rain/thunderstorm/flash flood warnings.
i was so, so sad and thought my birthday weekend was going to be a total bust. but between our awesome friends tanner and mo, they were able to get the keys and okay to spend the weekend at tanner's family cabin! and we ended up having the greatest possible time! a few people almost had to drop out at the last minute, but then it ended up everyone was able to make it! plus 3 adorable dogs! and if you know me, you know this is a big deal. because i tend to like dogs more than most humans...ha, but it was so, so nice to get away to a secluded cabin with poor-to-no-cellphone-service and enjoy the company of so many people i love. 
there was a lot of lounging and game playing and dog cuddling and listening to the pitter patter of the rain from inside this rad cabin. then when the sun came out, we went on the prettiest hike (well, baby belly and i were at more of a crawling pace) up maple canyon. which is somewhere i've been wanting to visit for years! i am still so happy thinking about how everything came together and worked out so well. and feeling exceptionally sappy/grateful for all the good people in my life. i really felt the love going into year 24 and can't wait for everything this year brings! :)