my best-friend-turned-sister-in-law, grace, threw me the greatest friend baby shower last saturday! she is the queen hostess and has thrown about a million amazing bridal showers/bachelorette parties/holiday parties, but a baby shower was new territory for her and she killed it!! the food, location, decor, games and everything in between was incredible! i felt so special and spoiled by all the hard work put in for me and my babe. and also thank you to everyone else who helped set up/take photos/make food - special shout out to jord who may have sliced her hand open making a salad, and had to make a pit stop at the emergency room for stitches on her way to the shower!
and to all the ladies who came - thank you!!! i was a little sad when i realized just how many of my close friends are no longer living in utah (they were missed and i was feeling the love from all of their texts and whatnot), but i was so happy with the turn out and everyone who was able to come! the afternoon was filled with so much laughter and fun and i have so much love for these ladies. and i can't believe all the adorable gifts they gave me for baby boy! i think it really hit me that i'm gonna have a little squishy guy to use them in mere weeks!
also, thanks to nicolito who took some photos at the beginning and the end of the shower, did some heavy lifting, helped with cleaning up and polishing off leftovers and listened to me gab about how fun it was ;) aaaaalso, this post somehow turned into the sappiest of sappy post, but i can't help it. it may be all the extra hormones but i am just feeling the love and i could sap on about it all day.