packing a hospital bag has seemed like a very daunting task. probably because i've never had a baby before...and i don't know what i'm going to need/want! well thank goodness for the internet. and after a lot of googling/pinteresting/blog stalking, this is what i've come up with to pack:


+ folder with birth plan copies and any medical paperwork
+ pen
+ hair ties
+ snacks (granola bars, drinks, mints, gum)
+ essential oils and diffuser
+ headphones (i've got some labor playlists and relaxation tracks on my phone)
+ nightgowns (i've heard hospital gowns aren't super comfy and after searching a couple places for the perfect, soft, stretchy nightgown i found mine at target)
+ socks and slippers
+ heating pad (for back pain)
+ body pillow


+ toiletries (i'm planning on buying travel size toothpaste/brush, deodorant, face towelettes etc. so i don't have to rush to grab all of that last minute)
+ hair brush
+ books to read during downtime
+ chapstick
+ soft robe (comfy and easy for breastfeeding)
+ warm zip up hoodie or cardigan (apparently hospitals are freezing at night)
+ nursing bras
+ one size too big cotton undies x 4
+ nursing pads
+ soothing gel pads
+ overnight feminine pads (apparently the hospital ones are like uncomfortable diapers)
+ lanolin
+ prenatals for 4 days (hopefully i'll only need for 2 days)
+ going home outfit (loose, comfy dress)


+ warm/comfy outfits x 2
+ sweats for sleeping in
+ toiletries (again, travel size)
+ books
+ blanket and pillow (in colored pillowcase so it stands out from hospital pillows)


+ lou lou & company newborn essential kit (includes the sweetest little blanket, mittens and top knot hat)
+ white onesies
+ pacifier
+ baby blanket
+ swaddle wrap
+ car seat

we also have a note next to the door with a list of the last few things to grab before leaving, which includes:

+ cellphones and chargers
+ ipad and charger
+ camera with extra sd card and charger and battery
+ trash bag or old towel to sit on (in case water breaks on way to hospital)
+ my purse and mine and nick's wallets
+ nalgene bottle