i am 38 weeks preggo!! it feels sooo surreal that the little baby boy inside of me is most likely developed and healthy enough to easily survive out of the womb, and basically all he's doing in there now is gaining chub. and he seems to be gaining plenty of that. ha, he's measuring big, which i can't say i'm too surprised by, since i was a ten-pounder myself. and my dad's side of the family is notorious for having gloriously chubby babies. it makes me a bit nervous for how my labor's going to go, but hey, i figure i won't know any different! and i loooove a good chunky baby :)
our home is also just about ready for this babe to come. we turned it inside out this last week, having the carpets cleaned and have been doing a whole lot of spring cleaning with the help of family. mine and nick's parents have seriously been so helpful and amazing and i don't know what we would have done with their help. especially since everyday it seems to get more and more difficult for me to do any sort of physical task!
i also started working remotely and am officially terrified of being more than twenty minutes away from our hospital. i'm still getting a lot of cramps and contractions and am hoping it means my body is just getting ready for this babe to come out. because we can't wait to meet him!!
p.s. only one more day to enter the giveaway for a pair of vacay sunglasses!