kurt vile | baby's arms
youth lagoon | 17
bon iver | skinny love
dr. dog | the breeze
bob dylan | mr. tambourine man
devendra banhart | long haired child
woods | suffering season
alexander | awake my body
cat stevens | wild world
rilo kiley | more adventurous
the shins | new slang
fleet foxes | mykonos
arcade fire | sprawl II
sufjan stevens | chicago
edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes | 40 day dream
m. ward | chinese translation
real estate | beach comber
paul simon | the sound of silence
the velvet underground | pale blue eyes
band of horses | window blues
jose gonzalez | heartbeats
lord huron | the ghost on the shore
alt-j | something good
strfkr | rawnald gregory erickson the second
the smiths | there is a light that never goes out
the cure | just like heaven

i've made playlists for a plethora of events before - parties, weddings, snowboarding, but this is by far the strangest event i've made one for. this is the condensed version of my labor/childbirth playlist. the uncondensed version is more like a hundred songs plus my hypnobirthing soundtrack. but for someone who gets panicky at hospitals, i'm kind of viewing my playlist as my secret weapon. i totally think music has the ability to transform your mindset and in response, your physical reactions. it can help relax (or excite you) and release all those feel-good endorphins. and my labor/childbirth playlist probably looks a lot different than someone else's would...but i handpicked songs that have a lot of meaning to me and i'm hoping will help distract me from any unpleasant/creepy hospital feelings and help create a calm and/or happy mental state and enable me to better tune into my body and the amazing/crazy thing that it's going through. i don't know if any of these ramblings make any sort of sense, buuuut happy september (baby month for us!!!) and feel free to listen here :)