thursday was mine and nick's four year anniversary! i can hardly believe it's been that long, but at the same time i can't imagine my life without him. we were talking about all the adventurous times we've had in our years together, and it left me feeling extremely grateful for this incredible life i live and the incredible human i get to share it with. he is perfect for me. he has been such an amazing husband and i have been blown away watching him become the best papa bear in the world :)

to celebrate our anniversary, we dropped the baby bear off with my parents and headed out to have some quality couple time. we got my very favorite blue cheese bacon burger at black sheep cafe, then nicolito surprised me with a shopping trip to madewell before going to get a couples massage. which felt gloooorious. my body has felt pretty sore and achy from the whole pregnancy/childbirth thing, so i don't think i've every appreciated a massage more than that one. plus it was fun to get one with nicolaus, which we haven't done since our honeymoon! and now we're pretty convinced we need to somehow work massages into our monthly budget. 

we ended the day by snuggling our bubba in bed and eating ice cream. it was such a sweet, lovely day. and it was the first year we didn't do much with the whole material thing, which is fruit/flowers for four years. well we did have fruit and yogurt for breakfast...but i would take a madewell shirt over flowers any day :)

oh, and last night we lit off four paper lanterns for four years of marriage - a tradition we started on our first wedding anniversary!