(i wrote this when i was about 20 weeks preggo and still dealing with morning sickness...luckily, by about week 22 i felt worlds better! so if you're dealing with morning sickness right now, i promise one day you will feel human again!)

since morning sickness hit me, i have felt a bit like my body has become a ticking time bomb. and if i'm extremely careful, and treat it just right that i can avoid an explosion. and other times, it doesn't matter what i do, it is bound to explode. so while i unfortunately can't say that i have found a cure-all for me and my nausea/vomiting, i have found things that help. at least most of the time. and that is a lot better than nothing!

+ ginger. i tried ginger herbal tea, straight ginger and a lot of ginger candies, but the ones that worked best for me are the gin-gins hard and chewy candies.

+ snacking. i have a variety of crackers with me at all times. constantly nibbling on something bland and salty definitely helps curb the nausea. my nightstand and work desk both look a bit like the cracker aisle at the grocery store.

+ popsicles. or ice. my freezer is fully stocked with a plethora of popsicles. i haven't been into berry ones, but lime and/or coconut ones have helped a lot. whenever possible, i am eating one or working on a cup of ice.

+ really cold or really hot drinks. it's gotten a bit better now, but in the beginning i could not stomach plain old water. and i love water. the only thing that kept me hydrated for a few months was herbal tea and chilled coconut water.

+ fresh air. the very, very best thing i've found to help with morning sickness has been fresh air. which is rough to come by in utah in february/march without feeling like you're going to freeze to death...but since things have warmed up, i've been laying in the grass or a hammock outside as often as possible. and it feels glorious.