i had the opportunity to be a part of an online nordstrom campaign, via the company i work for hello society. i got to create 5 different, affordable looks to wear this holiday season. this look was 70's inspired.

but to take it back a few notches...i work with hello society pinning for different campaigns for a variety of companies, because i happen to have a rather large following on pinterest. but for this particular campaign, instead of just pinning the images that companies provide, i got to actually curate and be in the shots. (this is where my sweet, talented husband gets a shoutout for helping me decide on my outfits and wake up bright and early to take these photos!) and it was such a fun job!! there were definitely some moments of awkwardness and insecurity during our little shoot, but once i got over that, we had an awesome time and i really like how some of them turned out! ha, so enjoy and be sure to check out the trend section at nordstrom for affordable and cute clothes!