i've never quite been able to formulate the following thought into words, so bear with me. but i've seen a push on social media lately by influential people to remind their followers that their life isn't perfect. and i would just like to share my two cents on the matter. because on one hand, i think it's crazy for people to really, truly believe that someone else has a perfect life. no one has a perfect life. but on the other hand, i think it's pretty funny when people are shocked to find out that other people think their life is perfect, when all they share with those people are the perfect moments. did you stay with me? no worries if you didn't, i barely stayed with me.

but i guess my point is, that it's easy to get swept up with life comparisons over tiny, perfect, little squares. but if you ever start to think that someone's life is better than yours because they had someone capture a sweet (or maybe only seemingly sweet) moment, slow down, breathe, and realize that little square has nothing to do with life value. and good for any social media famous people (weird that we live in a world where that's a thing, but it is) who make a point to remind people that they go through trials, just like everyone else does. and you know what? if they want to keep those trials private, and only share the good times, that's fine too.

and there's my rambling for the day, since my 2016 resolution was to write more.

p.s. and i'm happy that nicolaus captured a few photos of niels trying to shove a fistful of my hair into his mouth, because that's what makes up a large portion of my reality these days. and it somehow is both annoying and extremely endearing all at once :)