i've wanted to try making homemade hummus for awhile now, and that desire was kicked up a notch when my mother-in-law made it to go on veggie wraps a few weeks ago. and she being the seasoned cook she is, made up her recipe, but i (being the novice cook i am), followed this recipe:
+ 2 15 oz cans chickpeas, rinsed
+ 2 cloves garlic
+ 3 tbsp olive oil
+ 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
+ 1 tsp cumin
+ 1/4 cup water
+ 1 tsp salt
+ 1 tsp paprika
then really you can add whatever veggies you have laying around for your wrap, but i used:
+ fresh mozzarella
+ bell peppers
+ mixed greens
+ cucumber
+ black pepper
+ and of course, hummus
it also seemed like a good time to try making hummus, because of a freelance job i just did via hellosociety for oxo. they have incredibly well-made kitchen appliances, and i am obsessed with my new immersion blender.