i just got around to developing the disposable camera i carried around during the summer, and it's made me all sorts of nostalgic for long summer days. and also grateful to be carrying around a cute baby instead of a large belly :)
+ swimming at deer creek
+ floating provo river on the 4th of july
+ dogsitting/fishing with milo
+ pool hangs with jake and cass
+ preggo belly check-up
+ twilight fishing at the family reunion
+ dogsitting stella and duke
+ hiking with the pups
+ hiking with the belly
+ my pregnant happy place
+ couples who wear birks together, stay together
+ grandma and nana with some of the grandbabies
+ camryn loving on the belly at my baby shower
+ hammocking a few days before we met niels
+ our first family outing (not to the doctor) was a walk up to bridal veil falls