"a portrait of niels once a week, every week, in 2016."

i can't believe my baby boy is six months old today! he is the happiest guy who is full of smiles (that show off his two bottom teeth) and the most contagious giggles. and when he is upset, he usually just growls. it's a rare occasion when he fully cries. which usually only happens when he gets hangry.
he's a hungry, growing, large bubba who loves to eat. we're introducing him to solids and so far he loooves avocado, sweet potato (but ONLY if it's served with avocado), and banana. we also works up an appetite by all the kicking, wriggling, grabbing, rolling and push ups he's constantly doing. we keeps very, very busy and I'm terrified for the day he starts crawling because i'm afraid he'll never stop. 

his sleeping patterns have regressed and i'm hoping it's just a phase from a growth spurt or something of the sort because i'm turning into a bit of a zombie..(any sleep tips would be greatly appreciated🏼) he's also got some stubborn patches of eczema, but i think after trying a million things that we've found remedies that work for him. and we're hoping/praying they stick so he doesn't have to look like a little leper baby at the pool this summer, so the other babies will want to be his friend. aa, but really, he is so lovable and charming that i think he would be just fine, eczema and all! ;)

he's so social and loves being around people. he's recently developed a bit of stranger danger, but as soon as he warms up to you, he will chat your ear off and squeeze your cheeks and try to eat your nose and give you slobbery kisses. i love him and his slobbery kisses so much and he has made these last six months the most fun, most exhausting and most rewarding six months of my life.