Wednesday, June 1, 2016

baby model | copper pearl

nielsy made the cutest little baby model for copper pearl bibs. i was a little stressed the night before the shoot, because his eczema (which had been basically non-existent for the two weeks before), decided to flare up again on his elbows. i think it was from army crawling around on carpet and irritating his skin. theeen he decided to scratch a chunk of skin off his nose! 
luckily, the scratch didn't look nearly as bad the next morning and the eczema didn't really show up in the photos, so i was worried about nothing. plus, niels was such a champ during the shoot! ha, i think he's used to me sticking a camera in his face, so that didn't bother him. and he was loving all the attention from the ladies behind the camera, performing for him to get him to smile. he was being so cute and friendly and it just about killed me. plus that one shot of him pulling his best 'blue steel' face...


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