let me start out by saying, that this is not what a typical saturday night looks like for me...ha, my weekends usually involve a lot more sweatpants, ice cream, and episodes of friends. but this particular saturday night was something else. i felt like i had stepped straight into a page out of kinfolk magazine. and i loved it. the table setting was so pretty, the food was delicious and the setting was dreamy. i'm not gonna lie, i was a little intimidated by all the well-dressed, beautiful, talented ladies. and i had some serious doubts about feeling out of place during this little gathering...buuuut not only were these ladies well-dressed, beautiful and talented, but they were also so, so friendly.

it was the first time i haven't been around for niels' bedtime routine, and while i did miss that little rascal, it felt good to have a girls night out. the night was filled with laughter and story-telling and i left feeling energized and refreshed. thanks tayler, for the invite and thanks roxana, for the beautiful photos. :)
not pictured: the fishermen giving us funny looks, wondering what in the world we were doing there, and a few of us girls struggling to get that table back up the very steep mountainside... ;)