a portrait of my family once a month in 2017.
nicolaus: gave a presentation to an entrepreneur class at uvu about his business. it's actually the second time he's done this, but the first time i got to watch, because i wasn't invited the first time. he also successfully convinced me that we needed a playstation to replace our broken dvd player. 
niels: loves fruit, nuts, yogurt, coconut water and of course, any sort of sweet treat. he's become a self-proclaimed vegetarian and won't touch meat. he'll choose any sort of kitchen utensil over a toy. my favorite words he says are "skyyy" whenever he looks out a window or goes outside, "haaaand" when he's insisting you hold his hand, or "biiiinks" when he reallyyy wants his binky and has to work really hard to get that word out. he loves sword fighting, the aristocats, ring around the rosies, bath time, coloring, and reading books (especially ones with animals).
me: started working as the marketing manager at @mywildbird and i absolutely love it. it feels so good to be working on a team again. i'm also itching to go on a trip to somewhere warmer, because my african blood can only handle so much of this dreary, cold winter weather. especially after our weekend trip to st. george was cancelled because nielsy had a fever and sore throat (but luckily not strep) for a few days.