a portrait of my family once a month in 2017.
nicolaus: spent most of the month with an on again/off again stomach bug. sold a gun to buy an electric guitar (which i'm sure our wall to wall neighbors love). fulfilled his childhood dream of driving a tractor while we were in idaho. was insanely busy with his job, but still helped out with a few of my freelance jobs, and took care of niels two saturdays in a row, so i could work (basically he's the best human).
niels: was recovering from a cold at the beginning of the month, but somehow he miraculously didn't catch our stomach bug. since we weaned him off his binky he's been exceptionally chatty, and exceptionally terrible about falling asleep. he can find all of your facial features and his own too. loooves peeling the stickers off fruits and veggies, stealing my phone and running away whenever i'm facetiming, saying 'byeee!' and shutting doors, reading books backwards, wearing his dads socks/hats/shoes, and balancing things on his head (mostly paper plates and bowls).
me: also spent most of the month with an on again/off again stomach bug. worked on two big photoshoots for the launch of the @mywildbird spring/summer line. for me, the highlight of our was so bummed to cancel plans to go on an encinitas/palm springs trip (due to said stomach bug, and then nicolaus was too busy at work to be my road trip buddy). but dealt with feelings of fomo by having the most fun night at the @losgrowlers concert. it's been so long since nicolaus and i had a baby-free/no curfew night out with friends, so it was worth the insane exhaustion the next morning, when my morning-loving child was bouncing all over me and poking my face.