niels is 2! 🎈🎈 he is so affectionate and loves cuddling and giving kisses. when he sleeps in our bed, he will literally koala bear hug my face. 🐨 ❤️ 

he loves babies (hoping this translates into loving his new sibling), cars (specifically any "coool bus, fiah cruck, and RACE caaar") 🚒, animals ("horsies! neigh! dog. fff. fff. wion king! grrrrr."), baseball ("ooo! ball. hit. bat. go! go! go!"), and skateboarding ("BOARD. bup! cool trick!"), bubble baths, books, the color orange, and the mountains (specifically the rocks and lakes and fish). 

niels hates being cold ❄️, falling asleep (or being woken up from naps), and not being able to eat popsicles for breakfast every morning.

still a super picky eater. refuuuses to touch any form of meat, eggs, cheese, noodles, beans...i could go on. but he loooves his yogurt, fruit, almond butter, pistachios, black licorice, bread, chips and popsicles (or any type of treat he's tried).

he knows his way around an iphone way better than he should, and loves alphabet games, disney movies with animals (dumbo, 101 dalmatians, jungle book), and can find youtube on anyone's phone he gets his hands on 😅. he thinks counting is so fun, and gets a kick out of counting to 10, trying to make the signs with his hands. he loves music/dancing, and doing the signs to "itty bittah spida".