Wednesday, March 21, 2012

march 2012

every month i burn myself a new cd to listen to in my car. it's my way of not getting sick of music, and document what i'm listening to at that time in my life. they're always filled with some oldies, some newsies, but always goodies :)

my mix for march 2012 consists of:

1. somebody i used to know (feat. kimbra) - goyte
2. dudley - yeah yeah yeahs
3. wonder years - real estate
4. bedouin dress - fleet foxes
5. st. augustine - band of horses
6. holocene - bon iver
7. blue jeans - lana del ray
8. damned if she do - the kills
9. lucidity - tame impala
10. october fires - wolf people
11. old tricks in hell - amazing baby
12. flakes - mystery jets
13. black thumbnail - kings of leon
14. i'm slowly turning into you - the white stripes
15. dramamine - modest mouse
16. love song #1 - the white buffalo
17. if it makes you happy - sheryl crow
18. we are young (feat. janelle monae) - fun.
19. patient patient - the morning benders


  1. this is great. I'm just going to start making whatever playlist you post! hooray

  2. haha i definitely just tried to like your comment..and then i realized blogs don't have a like button..