after a failed attempt to attend the real soccer game last night (we had coupons for free tickets, but they had reached their quota and the only tickets left for sale were for over a hundred dollars), jake, jerika, steve, leah, nick, and i improvised a new plan. we ate dinner at apollo burger, then walked to the nearest theater to see...THE HUNGER GAMES. which naturally excited me more than any sporting event could.

although originally disappointed that my own casting choices for the movie were not personally heeded by any casting director...i was thrilled with who was actually chosen. i thought everyone played their roles perfectly, and the movie was a success. now i can't wait for catching fire and mockingjay!

i also really liked the soundtrack, and particularly love this song. which certainly suprised me, considering i'm usually not a big t.swift fan...but i like seeing her doing something out of her comfort zone - that consists of singing poppy songs about being the underdog or having a hopeless crush - not to mention, i think she looks beautiful in this video.