i've had a few ups and downs the last few days. just to name a few...

-a few weeks ago the hub made the most delicious fish for dinner, so tuesday night i tried to replicate it. by following the recipe exactly. it failed. miserably. we may or may not have had to go to carl's jr. for dinner...

-i fiiiinally sent off the last few thank you notes from our wedding...just to realize that i was reading the wrong list of addresses and they were being sent to the wrong homes. oops.

-i was deleting old texts during my new testament class, when i clicked on what i thought was a picture. until it starting blasting WE'RE THE HOPE OF AAAMEEERICA...jordan is to thank for the very patriotic and very disruptive video.

-downloading the shins new album "port of morrow."

-my mom and i finished the final edit of the book she's written and i've helped her with. now we get to work on publishing it!

-kerry and i successfully made some delicious peanut butter & nutella swirl cookies. apparently baking is a lot easier than cooking.

-my cute friend becca smith was called to serve an LDS mission in seoul, korea! she is the sweetest girl and will be a darling missionary.

-reading this article. it is an awesome feel-good read about body image and all that jazz.