Monday, April 16, 2012

running playlist

so i'm preeetty out of shape. probably the worst i've ever been.
i haven't been feeling too good about it, so i've decided to start running.

i'm never been very athletic or very committed to any sport this is a pretty big deal for me. one that involves a lot of motivation. i happen to find that motivation to keep running (even when i feel like dropping dead), through music. 
high energy, fast-pace music.

i just made this running mix and so far it's done the trick:

let's get out of here - les savy fav
i know what i am - band of skulls
headdress - amazing baby
i'll believe in anything - wolf parade
the trooper - iron maiden
white unicorn - wolfmother
future starts slow - the kills
fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys
sea lion - sage francis
shake me down - cage the elephant
dancing in the dark - bruce springsteen
waterloo - abba
the general specific - band of horses
will you be there - michael jackson
neighborhood #3 (power out) - arcade fire
rockaway beach - the ramones
til i collapse - eminem
brass monkey - the beastie boys
another bites the dust - queen
don't stop - fleetwood mac
listen to your body tonight - black kids
icky thump - the white stripes
war pigs - black sabbath
anarchy in the u.k. - sex pistols
renegade - styx
dreamer - atmosphere
damnit anna - the morning benders
heart shaped box - nirvana
the reeling - passion pit
suffering season - woods


  1. Whoo hoo! I've actually been wanting a new workout playlist. Can't wait to make one with all these songs.:)

  2. Awesome running list girl! I'm so jealous that you can run, I'm TERRIBLE at it, not only do a look like a fish out of water, but I'm basically chocking and coughing, complaining and whining the whole way :) I wish I had a knack for it.
    Anyway, the other thing thats cool is that your name is Shayla, my cousin from Puerto Rico has that name too and I've never met anyone else before with that name :)

    1. haha don't even worry i doubt you look any worse than me...even though i do it, i definitely don't look pretty doing it.
      and no way that's awesome! i've only ever heard of two other people with my name, so she makes the third :)
      i also just checked out your blog and you have the most amazing clothes! i'm in love with your style.