for the last year, nicolaus has played in a band called the daniels, who recently changed their name to bb gun. nick played bass, mike sung, steve played guitar, and jake played drums. for most of the year mike dated laurel, steve dated leah, and jake dated jerika. it's been so fun making all these awesome new friends, going to all the boys' shows, road tripping to california to record an ep, and a weekend trip to idaho to play at sammy's. not to mention, hanging out with the band + girlfriends outside of practice or shows.

but now, the band has some offers to go play for producers in l.a. and because nick doesn't want to take the band so seriously, he realized that it would only be fair to quit so the boys could all be on the same page. although the thought of touring the world with our friends seems like a dream, nick doesn't really have the time or desire to become a rockstar. haha it all sounds kinda silly to write it down, but that's really the way it is. he's just not as committed as the other boys, and has a lot of other stuff on his plate that he already has to worry about. but luckily he was able to play his last show on thursday, and is leaving with no hard feelings among the band and lots of good memories and new friends. here are a few great times we've had with the daniels//bb gun: