nicolaus and i had a fun saturday hanging out with my parents aaaall day. usually we only get to see them sundays so it was fun to have a day out on the town with them. first, we went to to the lds draper temple. it was the first time we've been there since we got married and it was strange to think how the time has flown, but also how much has happened since then!

next, my dad took us to pirate-o's. he heard about it from a work colleague and figured we'd enjoy checking out an international grocery store. and he was right. we were in heaven. they import foods from all over the world, so nicolaus and i stocked up on foreign chocolate, indian curries, and salted black licorice. 

after that we went to meet russell, jean, and grace in salt lake to eat dinner at copper onion. i had heard lots of good things about it, so i was excited to finally try it. and it did not disappoint. i loved the way the restaurant was decorated and all the food was delicious. whenever my family goes out to eat, everyone ends up trying everyone else's meal, which is just the way i like it. then you get to try a little bit of everything and find out what you like best.

to end off the day, we went to see the best exotic marigold hotel. and i'm so glad we did. i loved it-it was refreshingly witty and all the actors were perfect in their role. plus, it really made me want to retire in india...