nick seems to be constantly acquiring new hobbies. anything from snowboarding to guns to rock climbing. and when he finds a one he really likes he delves into learning everything he possibly can about it. and what's his latest discovery? fly fishing.

this means late nights of reading 1001 fly fishing tips and watching videos like mousing for trout on youtube, then early mornings to go fishing with austin and andy. austin's fly fished for basically his whole life, so nick's loved having someone to learn from and talk everything fish to. and since our husbands have become enraptured with this sport, kerry and i figured we'd learn how to do it.

so, monday night we went up provo canyon to have a bbq and fly fish on the provo river. the bbq went great. everything was delicious and the park wasn't too crowded. then we started fishing. casting on the grass seemed easy enough, but things went south as soon as we got to the river. my first cast got stuck in a tree, which nick had to basically climb to the top of to get it unhooked. then i couldn't see the fly in the river because i didn't have my glasses and i'm somewhat blind without them. i just kept mistaking gleams in the water for that teeny tiny camouflaged fly. it also didn't help that i have the attention span/patience of a three-year-old. on the plus side, it was really pretty and fun to go hang out outside. i just think if i ever get invited fly fishing again i might have to bring a lawn chair and a good book. 

p.s. see that fanny pack thing nicolaus is wearing? that's a pouch to hold all of his gear that (with a lot of help from austin) i got him for father's day! no, we are not anywhere near parenthood. and yes, after nicolaus got me an iphone for mother's day we may have began the tradition of already getting each other future-parent-day gifts...